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Monday evenings ~ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm ~ “Classic Pilates Mat Class”

Starts November 13th ~ Cost $12.00 drop in (cash only)

Instructor: Don Desroseiers

Don trained privately for 2 years under Brian Webb in Edmonton in the classic New York repertoire.
In 2000 he certified in “The Method” through the Physical Mind Institute at the Erskine Studio in Seattle.
Don trained and certified in an advanced 115 hour mat certification with Steve Bryson at the Body works Pilates studio in Edmonton.
WHAT IS PILATES MAT CLASS? Thirty-four classical exercises will be used to build the ultimate core workout. These classes will give you a solid foundation upon which all the Pilates repertoire is based. 26 muscles compose your core and the same 26 muscles assist in breathing. Pilates integrates breath with core.
Bring a mat. Two yoga mats = 1 Pilates mat (they are thicker)

Tuesday evenings ~ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm ~ “Yin & Yamas Yoga”

Hello! My name is Wanda,

I am an ocean child from Vancouver Island, residing in the beautiful community of Canoe; with my husband and two strange dogs.

I have been practicing yoga for many years, but it wasn’t until 2015, that I began to truly explore and deepen my yoga practice.

I made the choice to seriously pursue a greater knowing of yoga. It called to me, and I said yes.

Yoga is the foundation of my daily life, now. It has expanded my life, my heart, beyond measure.

I began my journey in March 2016, with a 200RYT training, lead by the incredible Reanna Costa. Since completing this training I have participated in several yogic continuing education programs, becoming certified in Yin Yoga + Chakras as well.

I have experienced so much growth and happiness through yoga. It has given me invaluable skills in gratitude, self love, and loving others.

My intention as a yoga teacher is to provide for students an enriching experience, similar to my own. I intend to convey kindness, truth and open minded guidance for those seeking a deeper understanding of self, life, and love, within yoga.

Uplift. Explore. Flourish.

  • W.